Jessica Alba's New Hair Skipped Spring and Went Straight to Summer

"Another day, another hairstyle."

Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted six more weeks of winter this week, but Jessica Alba's new hair says otherwise. Paying no mind to the chilly weather outside, the actress appeared to get a head start on the spring (er, summer?) season with her latest cut and dye job.

On Friday, she shared a cute video of her hair transformation on Instagram. The clip began with a dark-haired Alba mouthing the words to J. Cole's "Work Out," before cutting straight to an image of a mixing bowl filled with dye and a shot of her stylist Robert Ramos throwing a towel at the camera ahead of the final reveal. Seconds later, Alba returned to the screen with a completely new look, showing off a blonde, chin-grazing bob with a middle part.

"Another day, another hairstyle," she captioned the clip with the hashtags #friYAY, #weekendvibes, and #blondeish.

Per her caption, Alba is no stranger to switching up her look. From blunt, brunette lobs to long golden beach waves and Old Hollywood side-parted curls, she has range. In fact, she was even an early adopter of the iconic "Rachel" cut, way before Jennifer Aniston made it famous.

"My first real haircut was when Chris McMillan cut my hair. I was 12, almost 13," Alba said during an interview with Women's Health. "It was after I met him for an audition for Milla Jovovich's music video to play a younger Milla Jovovich." She continued, "Chris McMillan gave me the Friends cut, and I got home and my hair was like to here and had those massive layers. I was dying, I was like, 'Oh my god, this is so amazing.' I loved it so much."

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