Jessica Alba Just Changed the Breast Pumping Game

Everyone wants parenting advice from Jessica Alba. Why? Because in addition to her thriving Hollywood career (she recently filmed the pilot for L.A.’s Finest) and major CEO success at The Honest Company, she's a natural born mom-in-chief.

InStyle’s July cover star has three children with husband Cash Warren—Honor, 10, Haven, 6, and Hayes, 7 months—which means she’s got her mothering skills down pat. But Alba's willing to share. In the video at top, she goes there, offering candid advice for new moms and revealing her favorite, stress-reducing parenting gadgets.

First up? Breast pumping. Alba prefers to use an electric-style machine to get the job done. “There’s machines now. Why would you do it manually? I mean, just imagine this for like 45 minutes,” she says in the video at top, pumping a manual device in an annoyingly monotonous (and hilarious) manner. If you’ve got no choice, though, here’s her tip: try the Lansinoh Hands-Free Pumping Bra ($35;, which allows you to pump while getting shit done. “So many things are possible now. You can do your nails. You can look at Instagram. You can cuddle your baby."

Alba also loves to wear a Spanx Waist-Cincher post-birth ($48;, knows exactly which maternity bras are the most effective, and has even figured out the smart way to remove boogers from a newborn’s nose. (Yes, there's a smart way!) Someone’s gotta do it.

As for how to involve your partner in the gadget game, it’s all about the diaper bag. “It’s best to have a gender-neutral diaper bag so your husband doesn’t try to pack his own diaper bag and pack all the wrong stuff,” she jokes, calling out The Honest Company Diaper Bag ($147; she designed herself. “My husband will actually wear this.”

For more from Alba, watch the video above and pick up the July issue of InStyle, available on newsstands, on Amazon, and for digital download June 8.

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