Jessica Alba on How Her Daughters Are Carrying on a Family Tradition

Jessica Alba
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My grandmother has two brothers, Marciano and Richard Martinez, who are artists. Growing up, we had their pieces all over our house—mostly watercolors but also some pottery and photography. So I’ve always had a specific, personal relationship with art.

When I became a parent, creative projects were one of the first ‘Mommy and me’ things the girls and I did. The idea that a page can be blank and you can fill it with whatever you’re feeling in the moment is so powerful.

Jessica Alba
Sergiy Barchuk

Earlier this year, I redecorated my office and turned it into a more collaborative lounge space. So I had Haven, 5, and Honor, 9, create some art for me to frame. I gave them a color palette that matched my office’s and asked them to paint things that made them happy.

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Haven went with butterflies, stars, and hearts, and Honor made rainbows and galaxy explosions. They’re both pretty expressive, but they’re drawn to different things. I love having their art around my office and our home. I don’t paint or sculpt, so I’m so happy that my kids got the Martinez creative gene.

Alba is the founder of The Honest Company and Honest Beauty.

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