Jessica Alba Always Does Halloween Right—Check Out Her Best Costumes to Date

Jessica Alba Cat Costume - Lead 2016
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Step aside, Heidi Klum, there’s a new Halloween prodigy on the Hollywood scene—just kidding, Klum will always be No. 1, but Jessica Alba’s a close second!

Who better than an actress to embody the spirit of a holiday that celebrates the art of disguise? From Sin City to Honey, Alba has worn many hats and adopted even more personas. So when it comes to Halloween, the mother of two is no scrub. Alba’s costumed history touches on classic pop culture moments and characters, not all glamorous, and certainly unpredictable.

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When it comes to Halloween (and most things, as far as we can tell), the Honest Company founder knows what’s she’s doing.

Here’s a look back at some of Alba’s most notable costumes.

This year, Alba and her Halloween-loving bestie Kelly Sawyer threw it back to 2007 with a pop culture classic: Juno! Alba's most important prop (her baby bump) required zero added effort for the star, so we're assuming that was a draw. Sawyer stood by Jess's pregnant teen as the iconic Paulie Bleeker in his yellow shorts and matching headband.

Alba (Romy) and her Sawyer (Michele) lived out every ‘90s lover’s fantasy when they dressed as the iconic leads of the 1997 cult classic, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. If there’s ever a reboot, we know exactly who to call.

While showing off their costumes, the pair ran into some fellow late 20th century pop culture icons: Cher and Dion from Clueless, and Gwen Stefani (we’re not sure quite what she dressed as, but Gwen surely deserves a spot in the ranks of ‘90s fandom).

Sometimes, the simplest costume is the most effective. Alba’s cat ears are making us rethink the Catwoman franchise—look into it, Jess.

Alba was truly the fairest of them all last Halloween when she dressed as the evil queen from Snow White—though we’re having a difficult time believing the Honest Company founder has a malicious bone in her body.

Tapping into another cult fan base, Alba and her friends celebrated Halloween as the Witches of Eastwick. Alba appears to have gone as Cher’s character and we’re loving it. Again, Alba for reboot 2017.

Two years ago, Alba and Sawyer made Halloween great again when they dressed as Axl Rose and guitarist Slash of ‘80s rock band Guns N’ Roses.

Decked out in orange short-shorts and a strangely glamorous wig, Jessica Alba is the fashion world’s answer to Dora the Explorer.

Cheesing with her gorgeous fam, the Alba-Warrens breathe new life into the word incredible.

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