Ben Affleck's Favorite Baseball Team, the Red Sox, Just Gave Jennifer Lopez a Shoutout

OK, we see what they did here.

The Red Sox just knocked this TikTok post out of the park. The Boston-based baseball team, and Ben Affleck's diehard favorite team, just dedicated a post to Affleck's alleged new love interest, who was also in attendance at a 2019 game.

"To the girl on the Monster for Sunday Night Baseball in 2019," the text read over a clip of Jennifer Lopez, 51, sitting in the stands of Fenway Park. "We will never forget you." In the clip the team's mascot, Wally the Green monster, gave her a kiss on the cheek, and the caption read, "Come back soon. We miss you."

Well we have a feeling she may have a reason to make a return to Fenway Park in the near future. Perhaps a date night spot for the recently rekindled Bennifer? The internet has basically lost it over the reunion of the early aughts "it" couple, and although neither one has confirmed a romantic reunion, sources say the duo talks every day.

Ben Affleck's Favorite Baseball Team, the Red Sox, Just Gave Jennifer Lopez a Shoutout
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"[Jennifer] is in touch with Ben every day," a source told People. "They are making plans to see each other. Jennifer is still very excited about how things are going with Ben." Adding that the singer is "spending time with her kids in Miami" and "has been working, too."

Earlier this month Affleck and Lopez were spotted on a Montana vacation together, where they were seen driving around and allegedly stayed at the same resort. A source told People that the trip was Affleck's idea, and that they "had a great time" as well as "a strong connection." The source added, "It's all been quick and intense, but Jennifer is happy."

Lopez's ex fiancé, former Yankees player Alex Rodriguez, had some choice words when asked about the Bennifer reunion.

In a video obtained by Page Six, as the former baseball player got out of his car with an assistant, he's asked, "What do you think about the news about Jennifer and Ben?" To which Arod simply responded with a "Go Yankees!" and a smile.

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