Jennifer Lopez Says She's "Never Been Better"

"It's the best time of my life."

You don't have to tell us this twice, but Jennifer Lopez is peaking — and she knows it. On Monday, during an interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe to promote her new single with Rauw Alejandroand, "Cambia el Paso," the singer and actress revealed that she's in a very positive place in her life.

"I'm super happy," she said. "I know people are always wondering. 'How are you? What's going on? Are you okay?' This is it. I've never been better."

ICYMI, earlier this year, Lopez split fromfiancé Alex Rodriguez and reunited with her early-aughts flame Ben Affleck, and has been seemingly blissful in all the snaps with Affleck around the country (Miami, Los Angeles, Hamptons etc.)

"I want my people who care about me, because I care about them so much, to know that I've really gotten to a place in my life where I'm great on my own," she shared. "And I think once you get to that place, then amazing things happen to you that you never imagine in your life happening again. And so that is where I'm at."

The multi-hyphenate added, "I love all the love that's coming my way right now and all of the, the good wishes. And I just want everybody to know that it's the best time. It's the best time of my life."

Her new dance-provoking single with Rauw Alejandroand, "Cambia el Paso," and it's subsequent music video, was released on Monday and is a reflection of her newfound self-love and acceptance. She told Lowe that while filming Shotgun Wedding in the Dominican Republic, she realized she has gotten to a place where she feels good on her own.

"I'm good. I love my life right now. I love what I'm doing. I love where I'm at. I love the person that I am continually kind of evolving into and becoming," she said. "And that kind of joy, that kind of happiness, that kind of love always inspires me."

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