Jennifer Lopez Wore a Deconstructed Wedding Dress with an Unexpected Pair of Shoes

A decidedly chic combo.

If Jennifer Lopez's behind-the-scenes photos are any indication, her upcoming movie Shotgun Wedding looks to be a major thrill ride.

On Thursday, Lopez shared photos of herself on the set, wearing what looks like a deconstructed version of a wedding dress she's been wearing as a costume over the past few weeks during filming. She (or her character/the movie's wardrobe department) paired the artfully tattered dress with some hefty-looking combat boots — which aren't necessarily the most wedding-friendly, but make sense given the movie's action-comedy plot.

According to Deadline, the movie follows a couple on the eve of their destination wedding, which then becomes a fight for everyone's lives when the entire wedding party is taken hostage. Combat boots, we'd guess, are far more amenable to running away from danger than delicate wedding heels.

Last month, J.Lo shared photos of herself in what looks to be a decidedly less torn-up version of the dress, hinting that her character in Shotgun Wedding will likely be getting progressively drawn into the aforementioned danger throughout the movie.

Translation: Get ready for action star J.Lo.

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