I'm not crying, you're crying.
Jennifer Lopez
Credit: @jlo/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez's twins Max and Emme just turned 14 years old, and to mark the occasion, the pop star wished them a happy birthday with the most heartwarming video ever. On Tuesday night, J.Lo celebrated her "coconuts" with a montage of highlights — starting from her pregnancy with them to cute moments from their childhood — in a clip posted to Instagram.

"So this is 1️⃣4️⃣!!!! My babies, my sunshine, my loves. Happiest of birthdays to my two coconuts #MaxAndLulu. 🥥🥥," she began her note. "You have taught me the true meaning of life and have changed me forever in the most amazing way…I am so grateful for you both!!! I only hope I can be half of the blessing you have been to my life."

She continued in her caption, "Today marks a very special day…it's 2/22/22…they say this day is a rare once in a lifetime moment for humanity…today breaks open the door to a more fulfilling sustainable and aligned future…a day to move forward and stop living in the past. A rebirth. It's no wonder to me because this day 14 years ago has always symbolized for me the first day of the rest of my life. Max and Lulu, I will love you forever and ever and ever."

In the video, which was created by a fan account for the singer-slash-actress, a shot of Lopez pregnant cradling her bump is first shown, before the footage cuts to Max and Emme as toddlers cuddling, playing, and sharing kisses with their mom.

There's also a voiceover from J.Lo featured in the clip, in which she discussed her children's positive impact on her life. "Here's what changed in my life: I had given birth. The kids just gave me a new direction. Every day they change everything," Lopez can be heard saying. "They just made me realize what was real. They change your perspective on the world. It's because of the love that you feel for them. It's so pure and unconditional that it made me start reexamining everything in my life. They just changed everything."

Ahead of the twins' birthday, Lopez revealed how her kids are no longer kids, and are becoming "little adults," during an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan earlier this month. "They're amazing, first of all," she said of Max and Emme. "And they're just now, they're adults. They're like little adults and they have their own lives and they have all their own ideas about the world already and they love to kind of like, show you that they know things."