Jennifer Lopez Celebrated Her New Body Product With a Semi-Sheer Bathing Suit

What better to brag about JLo Body Balm selling out?

The reigning queen of glow, Jennifer Lopez, may have bared it all with some very revealing shots to promote her latest JLo Beauty launch over the weekend, but today, as the line's Body Balm sold out, she shared another photo that'll give everyone a bit of summertime swimwear inspiration. In a new Instagram post shared on JLo Beauty's official feed, Lopez posed wearing a semi-sheer bathing suit with swirls of white fabric and panels of mesh. The result? An attention-grabbing poolside look that perfectly showcases Lopez's glistening, gleaming skin.

In the snapshot, she eschews all accessories and lets the one-piece suit and her bare skin shine. Lopez even skipped out on her signature bling, without a single diamond earring or hoop in sight. She let her long, almost waist-length hair blow back as she posed with her arms over her head.

"THE RESULTS ARE IN: Bodycare that cares. 'It's all the power and science behind JLo Beauty … now for Body.' — Jennifer Lopez, Founder, JLo Beauty," the caption reads. "We've taken skincare beyond the face by developing CLINICALLY TESTED bodycare that's intentional, targeted, and delivers real results. We stand behind the strength of confidence and the strength of our claims. This is seriously sexy science at any age."

Lopez has been keeping busy with the launch of her latest product and some personal news: she's honeymooning in the City of Light with her now-husband, Ben Affleck. Over the weekend, she's been seen in Paris wearing corseted sundresses and hot pink halter dresses, and stopping in places like Sephora (where her skincare line is sold). Anyone looking to get a full Lopez-approved itinerary should add Le Flore en l'Île, the Louvre, and a cruise on the River Seine to their Parisian bucket list, ASAP.

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