Jennifer Lopez Has So Many of Her Favorite Accessory That She's Lost Count

She explained it all in an interview ... with herself.

As one of Coach's spokespeople, it's easy to assume that Jennifer Lopez has more of the brand's handbags than she can count, but in a new video for the storied American label's latest collection, Lopez says that she hoards an entirely different kind of accessory: her famed bling cup. In an interview with herself — seriously, it's J.Lo talking to J.Lo — Lopez admitted that she has so many bedazzled cups that she's lost count.

"Hi Jennifer," Lopez starts in the video, which showcases her second collaboration with Coach. And because she's no newbie, the seasoned vet answers herself right back: "What's up, J.Lo?"

At the end of the clip, Lopez asks herself the big question: "Wrapping this up with a very important, tell-all question ... How many bling cups do you actually have?" she asked.

"Um. .. you don't want to know," Lopez says back, but before she can get another word out, she interrupts herself, saying, "No, you don't know. You have so many that you actually do not know. It's actually kind of crazy and pathetic."

People reports that in the ads for the collection, Lopez wears a special red fanny pack that she designed for herself — and it's got a blingy gold chain to coordinate with her cups. She's also showing off the Coach x Jennifer Lopez Signature Sweatsuit and the Sherpa Signature Vest. All designed in collaboration with Creative Director Stuart Vevers, the pieces are, according to Vevers himself, "inspired by the values of authenticity and inclusivity and the high-low, relaxed approach to style that Coach and Jennifer share."

"Coach and I have a lot in common. Mostly we believe in the power of being real — in authenticity," Lopez said in a statement from the brand. "This collection is so Coach and so me. It's wearable and a little bit glamorous — but also sporty. It's that mix that really excites me. It's the unedited, unfiltered, raw version of us."

Lopez isn't shy about showing off her collection of bling cups, which have been known to match her outfits and certain occasions, like the special Super Bowl cup and one to commemorate her It's My Party Tour in addition to cups with her signature J.Lo monogram.

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