Jennifer Lopez's Latest Outfit Included a Sweet Sartorial Nod to Her Children

She was spotted wearing the look while making out with Ben Affleck at the batting cages.

Jennifer Lopez Batting Cages Custom Leggings

Nobody does athleisure quite like Jennifer Lopez. She's all about sporting cropped sweatsuits, Timberland boots, and matching bra and legging sets — with a glamorous twist (she even works out in hoops!), so it comes as no surprise that her latest gym-ready look included a super cute, super sweet custom detail.

During a date to the batting cages with boyfriend Ben Affleck and her daughter Emme, J.Lo wore what appeared to be your typical workout outfit — a black zip-up hoodie with a navy blue top underneath, standard leggings, and white sneakers — but when she turned around, her Style Reform pants featured a subtle dedication to her twins, Max and Emme, with their names emblazoned on the back of each leg. She paired the custom leggings with oversized sunglasses by Otra Eyewear, and, of course, gold hoops.

According to an eyewitness, Lopez was seen "trying to hit a ball but without any luck," as Ben watched her "with a happy smile." When she stepped off the plate, the couple was spotted "hugging and kissing" behind the fence.

And in case you couldn't tell from the many paparazzi shots of the two, J.Lo recently revealed that she's "all about" PDA. Last month, during an interview on the radio show Heart FM, the singer-slash-actress discussed her thoughts on public proposals and displays of affection while promoting her new movie at the time, Marry Me.

"I love public displays of romance, I don't know if I would love a proposal, I think that that's a more intimate thing between two people," she said. "But I have no problem with PDA. I'm all about it — if you really feel it," she added with a laugh.

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