Jennifer Lopez Paired a Headscarf With Her Swimsuit in a Hilarious Poolside TikTok with Leah Remini

Leah trolled her bestie for being "perfect."

Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini Dresses "Second Act" Photo Call
Photo: Getty Images

You can always count on a bestie to keep it real. And Leah Remini just made fun of her friend Jennifer Lopez for looking, well, perfect all the time.

Leah posted a hilarious video to TikTok that trolled her BFF's stylish poolside attire, teasing Jennifer for sunbathing in a fully accessorized getup. "Here's me — normal," Leah said before turning the camera around to show herself wearing a baseball cap and hoop earrings. Then she panned to Jennifer, who was wearing a floral headscarf, gold drop earrings, matching stacked bangles, and a vibrant red swimsuit.

"Look at this one: Head wrap! Jewelry! Can you be ugly once? Just be normal once?!," she exclaimed before jokingly pushing her friend. At first, Jennifer seemed confused by the outburst, asking "What?" She then erupted into giggles as Leah yelled at her, "You're such a jerk-off!"

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"It's so annoying! #pool #besties #jlo #headwrap #sunglasses, " Leah captioned the documentation of the pals' day of relaxation by the pool. The two actresses have been longtime friends since the early 2000s, when they met at the premiere of a Marc Anthony movie. The singer and Lopez were dating at the time, and he was also friends with Remini, who was starring on the long-running sitcom King of Queens.

"Well we met because I was friends with Marc Anthony, and I met Jennifer at a premiere of Marc's movie Man on Fire and she had flawless skin, and she was funny and annoying," Leah teased during a Wired interview in 2018. "And I was very upset that up-close she was prettier and she had a sense of humor, which made it worse and she wasn't stupid which made it worse. 'Cause you know, with pretty people you hope that they're ugly in real life and you go 'That's all smoke and mirrors.' Not this one."

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