Jennifer Lopez Got a Latte With Her Face on It

She's taking "you are what you eat" to the next level.

What's better than a latte at The Beverly Hills Hotel? We won't know until we try it, but perhaps a latte designed to mirror an image of yourself from a recent public appearance … ?

Jennifer Lopez, queen of aspirational excess, shared a photo of what she's coined a "#JLoLatte" to her Instagram Stories on Sunday. "It's the lil things … " Lopez wrote alongside a latte which bore an image of J. Lo herself smizing in a bedazzled plunging Elie Saab jumpsuit at the Vax Live concert two weeks ago.

Jennifer Lopez Drank a Latte With Her Face on It

She's really taking "you are what you eat" to the next level here.

Lopez loves a self-referential moment — be it a personalized water bottle or a "J. Lo" emblazoned face mask. Jen will have none of this hiding from the paparazzi business. When she's arrived, you will know it (and prepare a latte accordingly … ).

A Gigli latte seems like the only logical next step.

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