And a crystal-encrusted tumbler ...

By Isabel Jones
Jan 13, 2021 @ 11:52 am

This morning I found myself thinking a familiar thought: It must be nice to be Jennifer Lopez. I mean, who hasn't thought this at least once (a week)? She's loaded; she's ageless; she has the confidence to wear self-referential clothing and accessories …

On Tuesday, J. Lo and her red Porsche arrived for what appeared to be a lunch date in Miami. Lopez wore an outfit emblematic of her overall aesthetic: comfortable millionaire. It's a look that masquerades as casual in an I-just-rolled-out-of-bed way, but upon closer inspection, the "do you know who I am???" sensibility jumps out.

She paired oversized pale blue Alamour the Label sweatpants with a cropped white hooded sweatshirt and her signature aviator shades … and she carried a white Birkin bag, a crystal-encrusted "JLO" tumbler, and wore a blue star-patterned face mask by Masqd which also bore her nickname.

Credit: MEGA/GC Images
Credit: MEGA/GC Images

Like the "yo quiero" refrain in "Dinero," this, too, bears repeating: It must be nice to be Jennifer Lopez.