This Video of J.Lo Dancing, and Cooking in Sweats Is My Favorite Movie

Thank you, Alex Rodriguez.

In 2020, movie theaters have effectively been canceled. The last film I saw in a chilled auditorium with nearly 100 other people was The Invisible Man, which was just six months ago, but now feels like at least two lifetimes. And as the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the U.S. and movies keep getting pushed back until it's safe to return to theaters (something that remains shrouded in uncertainty). At this rate, no one knows when the theater-going experience will return, but for now, we can remain thankful for streaming movies being dropped via Netflix, Hulu, and apparently, Alex Rodriguez's Instagram account.

On Wednesday, Rodriguez dropped a short film on his Instagram account, in the form of a video of fiancé Jennifer Lopez dancing, cooking, and drinking wine, all while wearing grey sweatpants and a cropped T-shirt. It may be my favorite film of the year.

"This is how we cook in our kitchen," Rodriguez captioned the post, hashtagging #WorldofDance, a nod to Lopez's role as a judge on the NBC dance competition show.

The wine glass! The choreography! The extra (a dog) waiting for scraps next to her! The sizzling pan! Forget the movie-going experience, the cinema that Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez has leveled at us is enough to carry me through the rest of quarantine.

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