Of Course Jennifer Lopez's Leggings Are Croc-Embossed

Fancy leggings for the win.

Jennifer Lopez Croc-Embossed Leggings
Photo: Getty

There's casual, and then there's Jennifer Lopez's definition of the term.

The queen of upgrading wardrobe basics — from a simple white T-shirt to mom jeans — styled up another closet staple while making her way to the dance studio. Wearing the fanciest pair of graphite croc-embossed leggings, J.Lo looked extravagantly low-key as she exited her white Bentley convertible. She teamed her stylish stretchy pants with a black cropped, long-sleeved zip-up by Kith, which showed off her toned midsection, and a pair of black-and-white Nike sneakers.

Dressing up the laid-back outfit even more so, Lopez accessorized with her trusty white Birkin bag, chunky silver hoops, and aviator-style sunglasses. Her hair was worn up in a swingy ponytail, and a glowing makeup-free complexion finished off her natural glam.

Recently, J.Lo offered a few secrets behind her signature glow in her On The JLo newsletter, revealing the 5S's of her beauty routine: "sunscreen, serum, supplements, (vivir) sano, and SLEEP!" "Getting at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night can be a game changer," she wrote, adding that in her 20s she was only getting 5 hours of shuteye a night. "Since then, I've tried to live a very healthy and balanced life. As I slept more and took care of myself, I realized it was about pro-living versus anti-aging … I think of sleep like a little time machine."

She continued, "You lay down and you go into a space where you preserve yourself and then you come out a new, younger person than you were before."

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