It was a huge moment for Lopez and her daughter, Emme.

With a Super Bowl Halftime Show under her belt (as well as hundreds of thousands of red carpet miles logged), it probably takes a lot to impress Jennifer Lopez, but during an appearance on Alex Rodriguez and Big Cat's podcast, The Corp, Lopez explained that meeting Billie Eilish is a moment she'll never forget — but not for reasons you'd think. In a segment where Lopez discussed which young artists are impressing her, she explained that meeting Eilish was a huge moment for her daughter, Emme, and that the shared the experience together, making it that much more special.

"My daughter is in love with her," Lopez explained. "We had a real moment at the Billie Eilish concert that was like, 'Oh my god, we're bonding right now. It's amazing.'"

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Lopez went on to explain the circumstances of the meeting, which came after a concert, and her reaction to Emme's speechlessness. Naturally, there were tears involved, though they came from Emme, not Lopez.

"I watched my daughter freak out over Billie Eilish [...] She walked in the room after the concert and my daughter goes [gasps with hand over her mouth]. And I looked at her, and I'm like, 'What's the matter?' and she's, literally, the tears because she's idolized this girl," Lopez said. "For whatever reason, her songs and the words she says she connects to, and she loves her style. Whatever it is moves her."

It left Lopez more appreciative of her own place in the spotlight, she explained, and cemented a relationship between the Lopez family and Eilish — so if a collab comes out soon, don't be too surprised.

"It made me appreciate what I do more, my fans more, what Billie did for my daughter," she finished. "All of it, it was like a full-circle moment. We love Billie."

Billboard notes that Lopez also mentioned that she was impressed by Ariana Grande, though there were no tears involved with the superstar.

"I love Ariana Grande," Lopez said. "I think she's super-talented. It's not just her beautiful voice. It's her spirit. It's her comedy. It's her ability to do different things. I love seeing that."