Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Are Still "Staying Connected" Amid Busy Schedules

Bennifer is going strong.

It may have been a while since we last saw Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck together (at a premiere, making out on the street), but not to worry, Bennifer seems to still be going strong.

According to a report from E! News, Affleck and Lopez have been making things work despite busy schedules as she's been filming her Netflix movie The Mother in Vancouver, Canada and Affleck has been working on the thriller Hypnotic in Austin, Texas.

"They are both filming during the week on location, but they have met up whenever possible," a source told E!. "Ben has been in L.A., and J.Lo flew in from Vancouver to spend time with him. They hung out at his house and then left for the airport together on Sunday night. J.Lo has had her kids visit her in Vancouver, but she is also coming back and forth to L.A."

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck

"They are working out their schedules so that they can be sure to see each other every few days," the source added. "Things are good between them, and they are staying connected. They are busy with their projects, but also making time to be together."

That all seems true enough. Over the weekend, J.Lo was seen arriving at Affleck's house in L.A. with her kids in tow for breakfast. With any luck, we'll have another public Bennifer sighting soon.

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