Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Were Photographed Making Out in Malibu

Putting the hot in hotspot.

Seasons change, Mercury goes in and out of retrograde, and just like pendulums swinging from Miami to L.A., Jennifer Lopez and her on-again beau Ben Affleck had dinner at celebrity favorite Nobu Malibu and were not shy about the PDA.

In photos published by Page Six, Lopez and Affleck kissed during an outdoor dinner, presumably between the miso black cod and whatever the catch of the day happened to be on Sunday. The publication notes that it's the very first time that the two have shown overt affection in public (and had it caught on camera), though there has been plenty of speculation about exactly just how close the two are thanks to Affleck's smirks and Lopez's shirts.

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck
Albert L. Ortega/WireImage

Page Six adds that the two kissed and Lopez was caressing Affleck's face and had her arm around his shoulders. Paparazzi snapped Affleck nuzzling Lopez's neck and whispering into her ear. It was all rom-com fodder, something Lopez is very familiar with - and eager to return to with her next film projects, Marry Me and Shotgun Wedding.

Known as Kris Jenner's favorite restaurant and a place where celebrities celebrate major life events and eschew California COVID restrictions, Nobu Malibu can now count itself as a major landmark in Bennifer 2.0's bicoastal romance, joining the ranks of Anatomy Gym in Miami Beach, the Pendry West Hollywood, and Big Sky in Montana, a rare stop that the two took between Florida and California. With rumors that Lopez is ready to make the jump and move to the Golden State, there should be plenty of opportunities for the two to make like other celebrity couples and get snapped at places like the Santa Monica Farmers' Market and courtside at Lakers games.

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