Get you a woman who can do both.

Jan 12, 2021 @ 11:26 am

We're less than two weeks into 2021, and the year has already dealt us some whiplash, especially for those who'd hoped for a quieter year than 2020. (If you allowed yourself some hope over the arrival of the coronavirus vaccine, only to be dismayed at its rollout in the U.S., you know what we mean.)

Even Jennifer Lopez isn't immune to the highs and lows of the year, albeit in a much more stylish fashion than many of us.

On Monday, J.Lo shared photos of her outfit change from a high-cut halter bikini to... the opposite of that, a large floral puffer jacket.

"How last week started ➡️ how it's going this week," she wrote.

Lopez also kicked off the year in a red bikini, sharing a video of herself on the beach, practicing affirmations while bathed in sunlight.

It seems she's returned from whatever tropical getaway she had earlier this month, but in any case, let J.Lo's wardrobe change be a reminder: Beach days will eventually come back to us.