Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Make Out While at Dinner — Again

But somehow it was even steamier this time.

In the words of Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez in "On the Floor": Straight to L.A., St. Tropez, Capri to Nerano, Italy (or something like that). J.Lo and Ben Affleck's yacht tour around Europe continues, with strolls around Capri, shopping sprees in Monaco, and now steamy make out sessions in Nerano.

Yes, the couple has once again been photographed getting very close at the dinner table. On Wednesday, the couple stopped at the restaurant Le Scoglio in Nerano for a quick bite to eat. But they ended up serving us with some major PDA.

In photographs obtained by Daily Mail, the "Ben" necklace-clad singer is seen perched on the Argo actor's lap getting cozy and sharing a few very passionate kisses. The couple appear to be in extremely high spirits, both of them smiling and laughing in the photos. Lopez wore a tiny red-and-white striped bra-top with super wide-leg flowy white pants. Affleck hopped on a popular quarantine trend, wearing a tie-dye polo shirt and gray trousers.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Getty Images

The two cannot seem to keep their hands off of each other, even at nice dinners. If you recall, last month, the recently reunited pair made out in Malibu while at dinner at celebrity-favorite restaurant, Nobu. If it wasn't already obvious, sources have confirmed that the two are just "head over heels" in love, according to Entertainment Tonight.

And things sound pretty serious. Earlier this month, they were spotted mansion-hunting together in Los Angeles, although TMZ eventually reported the house hunt was just for J.Lo at the moment, as the two weren't quite ready to move in together yet. But, let's be real, with that much space I'd say there's room for Ben in there too. And after this romantic getaway, who knows what could happen.

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