Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Are Both "Excited About Their Relationship"

It's allegedly been going on longer than when Affleck was first spotted leaving her home.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are just as excited about Bennifer 2.0 as we are. And the two stars are committed to making long distance work. A source told People that they are prepared to do what it takes.

"They are having fun and want to spend as much time together as possible," the source said. "They will travel back and forth as much as they can to make things work. They don't want to hide anymore. They are both excited about their relationship. They want to make sure they do everything they can to make this work."

The source added that "Jennifer is incredibly happy. She feels like she can just be herself around Ben."

The Oscar-winning actor appears to already be making an effort. He was recently spotted in Miami visiting the singer, who was all smiles in the photographs captured of their little Miami rendezvous. Before Miami, she made a trip out to Los Angeles to spend time with the Argo actor following their Montana getaway.

And apparently their timeline dates further back than we thought. A source is claiming that the two have been spending time together "way before" Affleck was photographed in her Escalade last month. According to Page Six, Lopez even wanted to break the news herself before the photos surfaced.
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"He stayed at her house [in April], and she was planning to make an announcement that they are back together on Instagram. It's all about timing with her," the source said. But since the news broke, the two have remained mum about their reunion.

"These are people who don't like to be alone, and she really likes him," the source added. "They have a long history there."

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