Jennifer Lopez Went Full '70s in a Creamsicle-Colored Monochromatic Look

So groovy.

Jennifer Lopez has the range — and not just vocally. The superstar has proven time and time again that there is truly nothing she can't pull off. On Monday, Lopez shared a behind-the-scenes video from recording and filming her song "On My Way," from the upcoming movie Marry Me, and the singer looks both trendy and nostalgic in her outfit.

In the video, Lopez can be seen singing while wearing a head-to-toe (literally) creamsicle-colored, '70s-esque outfit. The monochromatic look consists of a newsboy cap, a turtleneck sweater tucked into high-waisted zip-up trousers, and silver platform heels that barely peeked out from under her pant leg. Besides the hat, Lopez accessorized with chunky silver hoop earrings and several statement rings.

Jennifer Lopez '70s Look
Jennifer Lopez/Instagram
Jennifer Lopez '70s Look
Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

The video starts out with Lopez rehearsing with her vocal coach, Stevie Mackey, who proclaims he's "so excited" for the song. Cut to Lopez belting her heart out in the studio while cameras film her performance.

Over the weekend, Lopez shared another video mashup that features clips from the flick and interview bites where she talks about the new single, calling it the "perfect song for Kat and Charlie" (her and co-star Owen Wilson's characters).

"The nuances of it are beautiful," she said. "It's about always remembering where she's from and coming into her own, not just as a person in relationships but also as an artist growing. Those kind of things go hand-in-hand."

"I don't understand why I was going through all of these trials and tribulations and heartbreaks and all of these things," she continued. "But now it makes sense because I met you. Now it makes sense because I have you. Now it makes sense because of us."

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