Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Were Reportedly Seen Kissing in a Gym in Miami

Affleck is also said to be making a "huge effort" to win her over again.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were apparently spotted kissing in the gym during their latest Miami trip.

A source told Entertainment Tonight that the pair "shared a kiss in between sets" while working out together in Miami, and that while they walked into the gym separately, they "were not trying to hide their relationship" once inside.

"They went to do their workouts with separate trainers, but were not trying to hide their relationship by any means. They stayed close to each other while working out and were hugging, being playful together, and shared a kiss in between sets," the source said. "It was clear to everyone that they have intense chemistry and were having fun together."

The source added that Affleck and Lopez "looked like two people who are super comfortable and familiar with each other, who are also in the honeymoon phase and in love."

"They were having a good time," the source said. "Jennifer works out every day and it's part of her routine and it seemed like Ben really wanted to be there too with her."

Lopez is also reportedly "smitten" with Affleck after the actor took a redeye to Miami to spend the weekend with her, another source claims.

"Ben has been making the effort to make it work with their schedules. He's really making a huge effort," the source tells E! News. "J.Lo thinks Ben has really stepped up and loves this version of him."

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
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According to the same source, she appreciates him working around her "really busy" schedule. "It's comforting to her and she is smitten. They are giddy together and you can tell she's really happy."

Lopez was noticeably happy when the two were spotted outside of her Miami residence this weekend. She was grinning ear to ear with the Gone Girl star close behind. It appears Affleck is also enjoying their rekindled romance and feeling quite nostalgic, as an old accessory from the early Bennifer days seems to have made a reappearance this weekend.

Twitter noticed that the Oscar-winning actor was sporting his skinny silver wrist watch over the weekend — the one you could practically always find on his wrist back during Bennifer 1.0. Perhaps Affleck is just leaning into the resurgence of early aughts trends — or he's feeling nostalgic for their early '00s love.

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