What Is J.Lo's Net Worth?

JLO Net Worth
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In case you’ve missed it, Jennifer Lopez is kind of killing it lately. There’s the release of her latest album, Limitless; her role as co-creator on World Of Dance; and the launch of her makeup collection with Inglot. As if that’s not enough, she’s also starring in a new film, Second Act, out in theaters Dec. 21.

According to Forbes, the former Fly Girl raked in $47 million as of July 2018, a 24 percent year-over-year increase. The publication claims that J.Lo’s the 53rd highest-paid celebrity in the world. But what is Jennifer Lopez’s net worth?

Celebrity Net Worth reports Lopez has a net worth of $400 million, the result of her long career and triple-threat status as an actress, singer, and dancer. GoBankingRates got a bit more exact with the figure, stating that Lopez is worth about $380 million.

Lopez, 50, is also a fashion designer (she has a clothing line, The Jennifer Lopez Collection, at Kohl’s) and had a recurring gig as a judge on American Idol. Following the launch of her makeup collection, Lopez told InStyle in October that she will also launch her own skincare line.

“When I first started,” she said, “it was always a matter of ‘Am I good? Am I good enough? Do I need to be better? What can I do to be better?’ Now I know I’m really good at this. So I just want to do it.”

Lopez recently spent more than $15 million on a new New York City apartment with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. In 2017, the actress listed her $27 million New York City penthouse (which she had purchased three years prior for $22 million) as well as a $10 million house in Hidden Hills, California (where she had once lived with ex Marc Anthony). Lopez also owns a house in the Hamptons that she reportedly purchased for $10 million in 2013, and a massive house in Bel-Air that she purchased for $28 million in 2016.

JLO Net Worth
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Lopez says part of the challenge of being a multi-hyphenate performer is that many people don’t take you seriously. “I’m not going to let anyone put me in a box or define me because I decided to do TV and produce for a few years, or because I decided to do Vegas," The Wedding Planner star told USA Today. "I forge my own path. I go where my heart takes me and where I feel like the best, most authentic place for me to be is."

Lopez says part of that work involves her willingness to constantly self-reflect.

“Everybody has flaws, and the people I want in my life are the people who recognize that and are willing to work on those flaws,” Lopez says. “It’s super-important: someone who’s willing to look at themselves and say, ‘OK, I’m not great here’ or ‘I could do better there.’”

As for Second Act, which Lopez also co-produced, the star told InStyle her character is “soooo me”: a woman from the outer-boroughs with no connections and no college degree who suddenly finds herself across the river in Manhattan, navigating a world of glamour, power, and Madison Avenue shopping sprees.

Co-star Milo Ventimiglia of This Is Us fame told People of Lopez, “She’s a creative mogul and a great artist. To have her put her confidence in me as an actor, I was really grateful.”

Her other co-star (and real life BFF) Leah Remini had more to say on her experience working with Lopez. On Good Morning America, the "King of Queens" star said of J.Lo: "She was so loving and supportive. We had a great time making this movie."

Sounds like Lopez is still the “Jenny from the Block” we’ve always known and loved.

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