Shoppers With Fine Hair Say This Jennifer Garner-Approved Thickening Shampoo Gives "Astounding Results"

Virtue Full Shampoo makes hair “look full and bouncy,” according to a reviewer.

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Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner. Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images

It's easy to take shampoo for granted; it's the starter product of all haircare, and most shampoos are run-of-the-mill level quality. But if you've ever tried one that's exceptionally horrendous or, on the other side of the spectrum, especially great, then you know it really can be the difference between silky, hydrated, strands and a buildup-free scalp. And according to Jennifer Garner and plenty of shoppers, Virtue's Full Shampoo is one of these exceptional products.

Garner has been an ambassador for Virtue since 2019, and in the years since, she has expressed her love for the brand on multiple occasions. Plus, her strands are like a walking testament to the products' efficacy. Last year, the actress told Today that she credits the Virtue Full Shampoo for "health, bounce, and shine like nothing I've ever used."

That being said, she is a celebrity with a dedicated hairstylist, so it's not a given that the shampoo will give you gorgeous, Garner-level hair overnight. But the hundreds of five-star ratings make the case that this is truly a universally hair-improving product.

VIRTUE Full Shampoo

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Virtue Full Shampoo claims to add volume and make hair fuller by dissolving oil and buildup, allowing the roots to be lifted while making your strands plumper and frizz-free. The key ingredients to achieving this in this formula are proprietary Alpha Keratin, phospholipids, and artichoke extract. The first is the brand's signature ingredient, which repairs split ends and increases thickness. The other two ingredients fight frizz, shield hair from humidity, and keep hair cuticles intact.

One five-star reviewer who claims to be a chemist was "skeptical of beauty products claims" but wrote that this one gets their stamp of approval. "The results astounded me. I have fine, wispy, flyaway hair, but it looks full and bouncy with these products." They added that while it's expensive, they only need a dollop "the size of a dime" to get through their stands.

Another shopper said that their hair is so fine they had to "get it cut every three months because of breakage and dry ends. Since using Virtue Fuller Shampoo I haven't gotten a haircut in six months! My hair is always silky smooth and thicker."

It's a little more expensive than some other shampoos on the market, but depending on your hair goals and shampoo routine, Virtue's Jennifer Garner-Approved Full Shampoo could be the right purchase for you.

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