Jennifer Garner's Secret to Effortless Summer Hair Is One Product

The actress walks us through her relatable haircare routine.

Jennifer Garner x Virtue Labs
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Summertime frizz gets the best of everyone, including award-winning actress Jennifer Garner.

Conveniently, Garner is the ambassador of Virtue Labs, and the brand's latest launch is just the product for solving seasonal frizz struggles. The Frizz Block Smoothing Spray is a multi-tasking prep spray that keeps hair smooth for up to 72 hours by blocking humidity and sealing in moisture. It also offers heat protection for up to 450 degrees.

"I recently spoke at something in Chicago for Once Upon a Farm and for Save the Children — and it was a 70 billion degrees and 100,000% percent humidity," Garner tells InStyle. "And we were inside, outside, inside, outside at a ton of different things all day. And the Frizz Block just took care of it. My hair held onto the blow dry, it held on to the curl, and it never felt like there was gunk in my hair."

The secret behind the product's effectiveness is Virtue's signature Alpha Keratin 60ku, an extremely reparative ingredient that uses the same protein that's naturally in our hair, skin, and nails. The spray also includes a lipopeptide that shields hair from humidity, as well as rice protein, tara tree fruit extract, and sunflower sprout to prevent color fading and dehydration.

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Virtue Labs Frizz Block Smoothing Spray

The promise of a few days of frizz-free hair is ideal for hot, slow summer days that call for an easy haircare routine – and that's exactly what Garner subscribes to in the heat. Her go-to summer hair hack is to rough dry her hair for a few minutes on her dryer's cool or warm setting, then twist her hair up with a pin.

"My favorite pin is from Reed Clarke," the actress says. "I buy so many of them to give people that I happen to know the website. I put it up and then let it just hang out up there. Then, if I take it down, it has body and it's healthy."

Another relatable hair struggle that Garner has experienced is postpartum hair loss. "I had a major hair loss event every time I stopped nursing a baby," she shares. "I nursed my kids a long time. And so each time, as I was weaning them, I just could not believe how thin my hair was — it really made me self-conscious."

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Garner goes on to say the hair loss would recover on its own over time, but that she also experienced it years ago during a time of extreme stress. Adir Abergel, her longtime hairstylist and Virtue's creative director, pointed it out to Garner and recommended she go see a doctor.

Not into the idea of being on medication for hair loss, Garner was happy the issue eventually resolved itself again, but when Virtue was testing its Flourish collection for thinning hair, she tried it and fell in love with the results. "It's the same science behind everything else Virtue does," Garner says of the Density Booster. "And the difference between before-and-after pictures is amazing."

As for mitigating stress, Garner ensures she carves out time in her day to work out for its mental health benefits. Free-form journaling has also been a game-changer for the star.

"When I'm consistent with it, I'm amazed by how much difference I see, how much I'm able to spot my own patterns, and see things that are a drag on me," she shares. "This way, I can really address them and be proactive instead of just reacting and telling everyone how stressed I am."

Virtue Labs Frizz Block Smoothing Spray is available now for $44 at

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