Who Needs a Surprise '13 Going on 30' Reunion?

Razzles and wishing dust.

Is it ever not a good time to revisit 13 Going on 30? Ask best buds and co-stars Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo, who managed to have an impromptu reunion, posting a sweet selfie to Instagram and giving every fan of Jenna Rink reason to dust off their dance moves one more time. Ruffalo posted his photo first, referencing everyone's favorite fictional candy, Razzles. The photo shows the pals with big smiles.

"Reconnecting with an old pal," he wrote. "Anyone know where we can get Razzles in Canada?"

Garner posted the same snapshot, calling out another favorite moment from the flick: wishing dust.

"Wishing dust worked! And I got a perfect day with my old pal," she wrote.

While this isn't enough to get fans hoping for a 13 Going on 30 sequel, Garner did address the possibility of that back in 2019, when the rom-com classic celebrated its 15th anniversary.

"What, like 15 going on 50?" she said during an appearance on Good Morning America.

"We had the sweetest time," Ruffalo told Entertainment Tonight of his time on set. "[Jennifer] was a big star then but I was kind of just starting out. She was just so lovely."

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