Jennifer Aniston's Zodiac Sign Reveals a Whole Other Side to Her Personality

On February 11, 2019, she turns 50, kicking off yet another year as America's sweetheart — but that's not the full story.

Jennifer Aniston Astrology 
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Jennifer Aniston is the star of one of the ‘90s’ most comforting sitcoms. She put us on high alert for dry eye. She’s shrugged off some of the most extravagant tabloid rumors around. And on February 11, 2019, she turns 50, kicking off yet another year as America’s sweetheart — whether she likes that title or not. Why might she bristle at being described that way? That Jennifer Aniston’s Zodiac sign is Aquarius tells you all you need to know.

As she’s proven time and again (often within the pages of InStyle), Aniston is a lot more than just plain sweet. This makes total sense if you take a look at her birth chart. She was born under the air sign ruled by the revolutionary planet Uranus that, for lack of a more delicate term, is often considered the oddball of the Zodiac.

Usually described as eccentric, contrarian, and defiantly independent, Aquarians are a curious bunch. At first glance, you might not think Aniston fits perfectly into their quirky posse. This isn’t to say Jen isn’t unique, but how could one of the most relatable women in Hollywood embody a Zodiac sign that explicitly aims to be un-relatable?

Here’s the thing: Both Aniston and Aquarians in general are often so broadly characterized that their deeper traits go completely overlooked. But it’s in these lesser-known qualities that we see Aniston’s true Aquarian colors shine through.

For one thing, everyone who has ever rolled their eyes at an Aquarius’ quirky tendencies has likely gone on to emulate their style or mannerisms. Need we remind you of the “Rachel” haircut imitated around the world? She has had something the world has wanted to copy, pretty much since she first hit the small screen three decades ago.

Even if Aniston’s astrological identity isn’t jarringly obvious to others, she clearly knows herself — yet another trait we can attribute to her sun sign. For example, some may think that it gets lonely for those fiercely independent Aquarians who appear to live in their own worlds. (Like the famously single Aniston.) But she said it best herself when she told InStyle, "I love my me time, and I like being alone a lot, which I guess makes sense as an Aquarian."

These are minor examples of Aniston’s Aquarian status, though. To get to the heart of her astrological identity, we must confront Aquarius’ rebellious reputation.

Where one might assume that Aquarians resist the status quo because they want to ruffle feathers, it’s more likely that very little actual resistance is taking place. More accurately, Aquariuses only seem rebellious because they don’t think about the status quo. They live by their own definition of “normal.”

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Similarly, Aniston has long been smeared as a sad, lonely woman who yearns for children. Stories that frame her that way suggest that motherhood should be top of mind for any woman of a certain age. Aniston, of course, insists that her status as a mother and/or wife does not determine her happiness.

Aniston isn’t thumbing her nose at society or decrying those who prioritize having children and family life over their career. She simply isn’t interested in fitting the mold of others, as she's told us time and again (even if she does so sweetly). And it doesn’t get more Aquarian than that.

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