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Jenna Dewan Tatum’s abs are on another level—we don’t know what to be more envious of, her washboard stomach or her hot husband. So when InStyle caught up with the Danskin ambassador this week, of course we had to ask: What is your secret?

According to the lifelong dancer, those sculpted abdominal muscles come from 25 years in the studio. And while we can’t turn back time and wish we'd stuck with dance class, we can steal the easy trick that she stayed true to to throughout her childhood: lots and lots of crunches.

“We would literally do two straight songs of crunches growing up. Before we did our dance class, she would put on two songs and we knew—two songs of crunches, here we go. So my muscles just kind of—you know, I trained them that way, to be honest. And then I do a lot of workouts. I do Pilates workouts. I eat very well. I eat very clean, and I enjoy healthy food. When I do splurge, I just workout the next day,” she told us.

“I’d like to say to my dance teacher as a teenager, thank you for torturing me and making me do 500 sit-ups a day, because maybe my muscles remembered a little bit.”

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Of course, she can’t just rely on all that hard work done in the past. Dewan Tatum maintains her killer body by switching up her workouts, taking barre or Pilates one day and yoga the next. “There’s a hot yoga class in L.A. that—funny enough, it’s hip-hop music, so it kind of defeats the purpose of not thinking while doing yoga, but it’s fun and it makes me go. Anything that actually makes me sweat and go to the gym, I will do,” she told InStyle.

While having a killer bod is one part of the equation, confidence is also key. “Knowledge is power. I know what cuts and styles and colors look good on me, on my particular body type. That gives you a confidence when you know, just by trial and error, what kind of flattering shapes look good on you,” she said.

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“I think if you’re having fun with it and you find a perspective that makes you playful and have a good time and even play a character, it makes it sparkly and fun, rather than it being a chore or a job that you have to do, which I know a lot of actors look at it like. For me, I enjoy doing different looks and I have fun with it.”