He swapped his tie-dye hoodie for a message-bearing Gucci sweater.


Our virtual awards show muse, Jason Sudeikis, has struck again. 

Following up an inimitable performance as newly single dad at the Golden Globes, bloodshot eyes and tie-dye hoodie in tow, the Ted Lasso star made yet another jarringly casual fashion statement at the SAG Awards on Sunday. 

Sudeikis, who accepted the award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy series over Zoom, appeared on screen in a low-key look that echoed the overall vibe of his Golden Globes moment.

The actor delivered his acceptance speech in a navy wool crewneck sweater reading "My Body My Choice" across the chest, a set of earbuds nestled in his ears.

Jason Sudeikis Wore Another Excellent Virtual Awards Show Outfit
Credit: SAGAwards2021 via Getty Images

The look is an interesting one, because it serves as an implicit "fuck you" to the elitist celebrity culture that landed him a nomination in the first place, but before you start thinking Sudeikis is "just like us," note that said sweater is Gucci and $1,100.

Unfortunately, it seems a return to in-person awards ceremonies (and stringent dress codes) is nigh. Still, Jason's efforts will forever hold a place in our hearts (and future shopping trips).