Can We Talk About Jason Sudeikis?

The Ted Lasso star wore a breakup hoodie to accept his Golden Globe, and is he okay?

Is Jason Sudeikis OK?

The 45-year-old appeared at the Golden Globes via Zoom to accept the Best Actor award for his work in Ted Lasso, arguably the best-dressed in a tie-dye hoodie, a sumptuous 'stache, and the kind of Big Divorcée Energy that made fellow Best Actor nominee Ramy Youssef make this face:

Seemingly in disbelief about his own win, Sudeikis delivered a rambling, aimless thank you speech (what's this about "three questions?" His son Otis?), that Don Cheadle unsubtly encouraged him to abandon partway through. Still, those of us who've loved him since SNL (or just found out about him as Coach Ted), ate it up. It's hard to say what exactly makes him look so endearing: His bloodshot eyes? His under-eye bags? The fact that rather than purchase a new Fashion Hoodie for his first-ever Golden Globes ceremony, he went with one he's been wearing for months during quarantine? "Do you need a hug, buddy?" said the internet (and me).

The past year has not been kind to our Boy, the pandemic not withstanding. In an upsetting life-imitating-art coincidence, the Ted Lasso star announced his separation from his famously hot partner, director/actress Olivia Wilde, back in November. If that wasn't enough to make you want to make him a cup of tea and rub his back, Wilde was soon revealed to be dating 27-year-old Harry Styles, a star so good-lucking, so high-fashion, so universally beloved that it's hard to imagine that Jason was even mad. More just, you know, super bummed.

As for the hoodie — Esquire clocked it as merch from Sudeikis' sister's fitness studio, Forward Space, and yes it is already sold out. So, his Sad Dad look was also just Jason doing a cool thing for his sister. Another reason to stan the sweetheart with a 'stache of gold.

Jason Sudeikis Golden Globes

I have loved Jason since his SNL days, when he played Man Whose Speaking Voice Is Actually a Yell. Against all odds, he made me laugh, charming his way to the silver screen with We're the Millers and The Angry Birds. But even after all he's been through, tonight was finally Sudeikis's night. And if you need one, Jason, I'm standing by for a hug.

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