January Cover Girls: '95 - '09

January 2009 - Kate Hudson

January Cover Girls: '95 - '09

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January 1995

January 1995 - Cindy Crawford - Halle Berry - Winona Ryder

WHO Cindy Crawford, 29; Halle Berry, 29; and Winona Ryder, 24
WHY The three stars personified what was hot in '95. Cindy's curves showed off the latest body-conscious silhouette, Halle oozed sexy glamour and Winona's easy elegance had mass appeal.

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January 1996

January 1996 - Jennifer Aniston

WHO Jennifer Aniston, 26
WHY The Friends megastar was hitting the big screen in She's the One.
NOTABLE QUOTE "Yeah, I know, everyone loves it," Aniston signs, running a hand through her locks. "But I'm sick of [the coveted Rachel shag] and I don't know what do, chop it off or grow it long."

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January 1997

January 1997 - Brooke Shields

WHO Brooke Shields, 31
WHY The adolescent star and Princeton grad returned to the spotlight in the TV series Suddenly Susan.
WEARING A chartreuse V-neck jumpsuit by Isaac Mizrahi.
NOTABLE QUOTE "I love the way Sharon Stone puts herself together-but that doesn't come naturally for me. But I do enjoy dressing up now, and try to add something funky, like pairing my Helmut Lang tuxedo with dalmation-print shoes."

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January 1998

January 1998 - Salma Hayek

WHO Salma Hayek, 29
WHY The Mexican-born actress was appearing opposite Russell Crow in the movie Breaking Up, and was named the new face of Revlon.
WEARING A red Moschino Couture dress.
NOTABLE QUOTE "If I go swimming, it's not 22 laps because it burns 300 calories. One of the reasons I became an actress is so I wouldn't have to deal with mathematics. It gives me way too much stress to get into calorie-counting situations."

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January 1999

January 1999 - Gwyneth Paltrow

WHO Gwyneth Paltrow, 26
WHY The actress-who won an Oscar for her performance-was starring in Shakespeare in Love.
WEARING A pink and gold lace dress by Versace.
NOTABLE QUOTE "My children will have a different life from mine. My father always says when he was a kid, you had Maine lobster in Maine. Now the world's homogenized. It's all in the mall."

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January 2000

January 2000 - Julia Roberts

WHO Julia Roberts, 32
WHY Roberts was starring in Erin Brockovich, which ended up winning the actress her first Oscar.
WEARING A beaded Alberta Ferretti dress.
NOTABLE QUOTE "My twenties were pretty much booked, you know? Now I'm able to realize the luxury that all that hard work can provide me. The luxury of just being totally relaxed."

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January 2001

January 2001 - Madonna

WHO Madonna, 42
WHY The Material Girl was releasing her 14th album, Music.
WEARING A red leather DampG jacket and Jennifer Kaufman necklace.
NOTABLE QUOTE "I can't remember what the misconceptions are anymore. That I'm cold? That I'm calculating? Well, maybe it just means I'm highly organized, ambitious and focused, and those are the traits people feel more comfortable attributing to men."

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January 2002

January 2002 - Penelope Cruz

WHO Penelope Cruz, 27
WHY The Spanish actress was starring opposite Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky and was the new face of Ralph Lauren.
WEARING A Ralph Lauren top and Chopard pendant.
NOTABLE QUOTE "Tom [Cruise] and I are together, and I am happy-very happy-with him. But I don't want to go into detail. There are some things that have to be protected, especially in this situation. I had to learn that lesson at a young age. It's the only way to have a life."

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January 2003

January 2003 - Jennifer Lopez

WHO Jennifer Lopez, 34
WHY Lopez released her fourth CD, This Is Me … Then and was starring in Maid in Manhattan with Ralph Fiennes.
WEARING A Roberto Cavalli silk chiffon minidress with lace insets.
NOTABLE QUOTE "The name 'Jenny' kind of goes with how I'm feeling right now. 'Jennifer' is sexy, sultry and exotic, as opposed to 'Jenny,' which is fun, playful and a little more relaxed."

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January 2004

January 2004 - Beyonce Knowles

WHO Beyonce Knowles, 22
WHY The three-time Grammy winner released her multiplatinum CD, Dangerously in Love.
WEARING A Michael Kors tangerine beaded slip dress.
NOTABLE QUOTE "I hate that word," Beyonce says of her song titled, "Bootylicious." "Look, I'm proud that the word is in the dictionary, but it drives me nuts. Change it to 'beautylicious.'"

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January 2005

January 2005 - Diane Lane

WHO Diane Lane, 39
WHY Lane was appearing in her 34th film, Fierce People, opposite Donald Sutherland.
WEARING A Dior by John Galliano silk chiffon halter gown.
NOTABLE QUOTE "You know that line, 'Get that girl a cheeseburger!'?" Lane asks, "Well, I'm that girl. I'm an ectomorph who's always trying to gain five pounds. I want to be zaftig. Everybody wants what they're not."

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January 2006

January 2006 - Jennifer Aniston

WHO Jennifer Aniston, 36
WHY Aniston was starring in Rumor Has It with Mark Ruffalo and Kevin Costner.
WEARING A white Oscar de la Renta halter dress, and a Temple St. Clair cuff bracelet.
NOTABLE QUOTE "I've learned that you can get through things that hurt. My pain was real, but nothing will kill you. Nothing. People are unbelievable. We have such resilience."

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January 2007

January 2007 - Beyonce Knowles

WHO Beyonce Knowles, 25
WHY The star was in the spotlight for her breakout role in the film, Dreamgirls.
WEARING A red Versace halter dress and Robert Lee Morris earrings.
NOTABLE QUOTE "I'm not such a good girl. Sometimes I curse people out. Well ... not really. But I do it in my mind"

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January 2008

January 2008 - Katie Holmes

WHO Katie Holmes, 30
WHY Holmes was appearing in Mad Money alongside Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah.
WEARING A Dior by John Galliano vest and pants; bracelets and watch by Cartier.
NOTABLE QUOTE "I'm living my ideal role. I love being a mom and a wife. In terms of my career, I'd love to do a period piece."

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January 2009

January 2009 - Kate Hudson

WHO Kate Hudson, 29
WHY Hudson is co-starring in Bride Wars with Anne Hathaway.
WEARING A beaded tank by Etro, silver bangles by Stephen Dweck and a Fred Leighton ring.
NOTABLE QUOTE "I hate the term 'hippie chic.' Let's face it, hippies are not chic. I should know, I married one."

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