Is This Jake Gyllenhaal Photo a Direct Response to the Taylor Swift Drama?

Look what you made him do.

This might just be the clap back of the century. Jake Gyllenhaal (cleverly and stylishly) appeared to address the release of Taylor Swift's 10-minute version of "All Too Well (Taylor's Version)" (with extra verses that are speculated to be about him) and the subsequent drama and internet chatter that ensued.

W Mag just released its 2022 Best Performances Portfolio, which includes 35 actors currently at the top of their game and the forefront of the film industry. Gyllenhaal, who is included in the roundup for his work in The Guilty, certainly made a statement with his portrait.

The actor is decked out in a crimson button-down as he clutches the side of his midsection, showing off his bulging bicep. Matching heart-shaped sunglasses sit atop a perfectly coiffed head of hair that appears to be damp (perhaps another comeback for all those anti-shower haters).

Is This Jake Gyllenhaal Photo a Direct Response to the Taylor Swift Drama?
Tim Walker/W Magazine

The caption reads, "Red (Jake's Version)." And it was then that it dawned on us just how familiar those sunnies looked: they're practically identical to the pair TSwift wore in her 22 music video.

Sure, the execution of the idea most likely came from the photo shoot's creative director, but Jake had to agree to the direction, so that pretty much equates to a statement.

At the time of the extended song and music video's release, Jake allegedly wasn't bothered by the drama. "Jake has no interest in any of it," a source shared with E! News. "He doesn't read gossip or pay any attention to that ... He's living his life and focused on himself. He's ignoring all of the noise."

Looks like they got bad blood.

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