And she tagged ... Meatloaf?

On the eve of Georgia's Senate runoff election, Ivanka Trump and her father, outgoing president Donald Trump, visited the southern state in a trip that will stand as one of their final father-daughter Air Force One jaunts (Joe Biden takes office in 15 days).

The former fashion designer commemorated the moment using her father's favorite mode of communication: a tweet. Ivanka shared a photo of herself smiling widely at the camera, her dad sitting in the background, looking at his phone. Sometimes they just make it too easy.

Hilarious as the strange photo is on its own, it actually gets better. Followers quickly noted that instead of tagging Donald Trump in the tweet, Ivanka had tagged … Meatloaf? Sometimes Twitter's inability to edit is truly a blessing. 

He would do anything for love, but standing in for Trump during month 2 of his election loss? Nah, he won't do that. 

Naturally, the photo soon went viral.

And the first major meme of 2021 was born.