Irina Shayk Rejects the Idea That She's "Co-Parenting" With Bradley Cooper

The model says her actor ex is "the most amazing dad."

Nearly two years following Irina Shayk's split from actor Bradley Cooper, the public is still fascinated by the relationship (and the events leading up to its conclusion).

The supermodel herself, however, is kind of over it.

"My past relationship, it's something that belongs to me, and it's private," Shayk told Elle recently. "It's just a piece of my inner self that I don't want to give away."

As for the constant whir of internet gossip? Well, she's a little pre-occupied.

"I don't read what is out there. Honestly, I'm too busy raising a child. If they want to write articles [about me], they're doing their job. I'm concentrating on my life and my friends. The rest is just noise."

Irina Shayk on Co-Parenting With Bradley Cooper
Daniele Venturelli/WireImage

Still, Shayk says that Cooper is "the most amazing dad" to the former couple's nearly 4-year-old daughter Lea. But the term "co-parent" isn't something the model can get behind.

"I never understood the term co-parenting," she explained. "When I'm with my daughter, I'm 100 percent a mother, and when she's with her dad, he's 100 percent her dad. Co-parenting is parenting." OK, fair.

Cooper and Shayk were together for four years before their 2019 split. "I think we've been very lucky to experience what we had with each other," Shayk told British Vogue following the breakup. "Life without B is new ground."

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