Irina Shayk Dressed Like a Sexy Race Car Driver for a Trip to the Zoo

She matched her bra to her tracksuit, as one does.

If celebrities give us anything, it’s the confidence to redefine fashion norms — say, for example, the sort of outfit one wears to bring their 3-year-old daughter to the zoo. Not having a 3-year-old daughter or a zoo membership, I can’t say exactly what I would gravitate toward wearing in that situation, but I can tell you what probably wouldn’t top the list: a black nylon tracksuit with yellow stripes, the jacket’s zipper pulled down far enough to expose my black bra and well-defined abs.

For, Irina Shayk, however, this is exactly the type of outfit one wears to take their 3-year-old daughter to the zoo.

Irina Shayk
Gotham/GC Images

The model and the child she shares with ex-boyfriend Bradley Cooper, Lea de Seine, ventured to the Central Park Zoo on Thursday — Shayk in her race car driver-esque ensemble; Lea in a pink tutu. Shayk accessorized with a tiny black purse, matching leather boots, crescent-shaped shades, and a black mask bearing a white logo. With Lea’s spider web-patterned mask in hand, it almost looks like Shayk’s carrying a tiny flag (à la the checkered kind waved at the end of an auto race).

Congratulations to Shayk and what we assume was a sartorial victory on both the race track and at the zoo. The red pandas could never.

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