Meet Pants, Instagram's Favorite Underdog

Welcome to "Interview with an InstaPet," where we chatwith a different pet on the glitz and glam of being Internet famous. From dapper dogs to pampered cats, we'll get all the good dirt on the life of the rich and famous in Pawllywood.

Photo: underpantsthedog/Instagram

By now, you've probably all heard of Toast (known on Instagram as @toastmeetsworld), the Insta-famous dog who went from being a puppy mill survivor to a full-fledged author, socialite, and wife. The toothless King Charles Spaniel was rescued by mom Katie Sturino of @the12ishStyle and has rose to fame through vacations to the Hamptons and red carpet events. However, while all the attention is on Toast, some may not realize that she has two sisters who are also puppy mill survivors, and have huge social media followings themselves.

First we have Muppet (known as a party girl and pawfessional eye-roller on Instagram @muppetsrevenge), but the third sister is quite pawsibly the next big thing in famous dogs. Pants, known as @underpantsthedog, is a quirky little Japanese Chin who is growing more and more popular with every adorable 'gram. Her hilarious social media commentary includes how hard life can be living with sisters, "Fame Dog" and "Drunk Dog," and working for mom, "Cheap Boss."

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Pants is on a quest for her own fame. We sat down and chatted with the fashionable cutie to find out how her journey to celebri-dog status is going.

InStyle: PANTS! What is your story? Tell us about the puppy mills.

Pants: My first job was really not my choice. I had to make puppies over and over again for pet stores because I am so cute. They did not take care of me at all and I had to have many surgeries. Now I also am a breast cancer survivor. I lived in the puppy mill for eight years.

IS: What is it like living in your sister’s shadow?

P: Now that I am out of the puppy mill, I want to get FAME like my sister, Toast. My other sister Muppet is mostly a party girl and has no fame. I work very hard and I try to get jobs but when you have fame, life is so easy.

IS: Pants your style is too good. What is your favorite doggy brand to buy chic clothes from?

P: Toast got married last year and I wore a cashmere sweater from Canine Styles. It was the first time Pants was in cashmere.

IS: Tell me about how you relax with such a busy schedule.

P: Being surrounded by fame dog and party dog and cheap boss means that I have to find ways to relax. I had a dream that maybe I was Mozart or I knew Mozart in a past life. So I listen to Mozart to make me relax. I also meditate. It's very easy for Pants to meditate.

IS: 2016 was a big year for you. What was your favorite memory?

P: This was the year I had the most fame. Last summer I was fired from two internships for having no skills. But I was on the Puppy Bowl this year. That was a big fame moment for Pants. Still I work hard every day and try to get a new internship. In the meantime I work for cheap boss with no contract.

IS: Which is your favorite sister? (Shh, we won’t tell.)

P: Neither.

IS: You survived breast cancer. Tell us about that.

P: Yes. Female dogs who do not get spayed and have babies are very susceptible to breast cancer. Pants is a strong survivor and supports dogs and humans who are survivors, too. This is Pants's new mission.

For more of Pants's adventures on her way to fame, follow her on Instagram @underpantsthedog.

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