InStyle's Star Pets

November Anniversary Page - George Clooney
Photo: Mark Leivdal

InStyle's Star Pets

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Cover Grrrrrl

November Anniversary Page - Heather Locklear

Several dogs have held the top spot, but Heather Locklear's Maltese, Harley, is the Neil Armstrong of this group, going where no pup had gone before. (March '95)

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Canine Club

November Anniversary Page - Ashley Judd
Fabrizio Ferri

In her hometown outside Nashville, Ashley Judd held court with her dog Shug and townies Jacob and Punkin. (October '04)

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Dog Star

November Anniversary Page - Mariah Carey

"He's been in my videos and has built up his own fan base," Mariah Carey said of her Jack Russell terrier, Jack. "He has Web sites dedicated to him." (April '05)

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Mogul's Best Friend

November Anniversary Page - Sean Combs
Kate Lacey

While Sean Combs had a private chef at his Hamptons estate, all he really wanted was some Honey Combs-as in Honey, his beloved pooch. (October '99)

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Something Wilder

November Anniversary Page - George Clooney
Mark Leivdal

Chickens and pigs and goats, oh my! George Clooney's (April '96), Vietnamese potbellied pig, Max, slept at the foot of his bed.

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