InStyle's Sexy Dozen Reveal What's Hot

2009 Sexy Portfolio, Chace Crawford
Photo: Brigitte Lacombe

InStyle's Sexy Dozen Reveal What's Hot

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Taraji P. Henson

2009 Sexy Portfolio, Taraji P. Henson
Brigitte Lacombe


talked to twelve of the hottest stars in Hollywood for June's Sexy issue. Pick up a copy to find out who and what turns them on, and read on for online-only tidbits!

"Everyone is capable of being sexy," says Hensen. "I don't need any help-I dance to my own beat, I'm always in my sexy state of mind."

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Simon Baker

2009 Sexy Portfolio, Simon Baker
Brigitte Lacombe

"When I watch my wife dance, that's hot," says Baker. "She's a great mover-at ease and confident at the same time. How can that not be sexy?"

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Amy Adams

2009 Sexy Portfolio, Amy Adams
Brigitte Lacombe

"I like spicy food-it's sexy," says Adams. "You get all sweaty and your nose runs. It's hot!"

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2009 Sexy Portfolio, Tyrese
Brigitte Lacombe

"When my ex was pregnant with my angel, it was so damn sexy," says Tyrese. "Just the idea that we've created something together and it's on the way into the world."

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Christina Applegate

2009 Sexy Portfolio, Christina Applegate
Brigitte Lacombe

"When someone is really confident, aware of themselves and assured, it's sexy," says Applegate. "People trying to be sexy is the least sexy thing on the planet."

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Scott Speedman

2009 Sexy Portfolio, Scott Speedman
Brigitte Lacombe

"New York is sexy-that's a no-brainer," says Speedman. "It epitomizes it, never sleeps, it's up all night."

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Christina Hendricks

2009 Sexy Portfolio, Christina Hendricks
Brigitte Lacombe

"Jimmy Stewart makes my heart patter," says Hendricks. "My fiance reminds me of him and he can do a perfect imitation. I'm like, 'Do it! Do it!' and he'll do it. 'You want the moon? I'll lasso the moon for you!' I feel pretty lucky, I have to say."

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Liev Schreiber

2009 Sexy Portfolio, Liev Schreiber
Brigitte Lacombe

"I've always had a thing for older women. I think it has to do with that level of confidence and where they are in their life," says Schreiber. "Maybe that's why success is such an aphrodisiac."

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Helen Mirren

2009 Sexy Portfolio, Helen Mirren
Brigitte Lacombe

"There's nothing sexy about doing a nude scene-there's a liberation about it," says Mirren.

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Joe Jonas

2009 Sexy Portfolio, Joe Jonas
Brigitte Lacombe

"When women can cook, that's always good!" says Jonas. "Guys like to eat and it's a way of showing how they feel about the other person that they took the time out of their life to learn to cook."

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Katy Perry

2009 Sexy Portfolio, Katy Perry
Brigitte Lacombe

"I love pinups," says Perry. "I've taken a lot of direction from those girls in cute little outfits caught in flirtatious situations-with a dog leash tangled around their legs and their skirts blowing up."

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Chace Crawford

2009 Sexy Portfolio, Chace Crawford
Brigitte Lacombe

"The shocking thing is how normal and down-to-earth I am," says Crawford. "This actress said, 'God, you had every opportunity to be one of the biggest douchbags,' and I was like, 'That's one of the biggest compliments I've ever gotten!'"

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