InStyle Magazine Covers: 2010

InStyle Covers - December 2010, Carrie Underwood

InStyleMagazine Covers: 2010

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January, Whitney Houston

InStyle Covers - January 2010, Whitney Houston

When we spoke with the late singer, who was 46 at the time, she was filled with hope and excited about the success of I Look to You, her first album in seven years. What made her happiest was spending time with daughter Bobbi Kristina.

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February, Heidi Klum

InStyle Covers - February 2010, Heidi Klum

Looking dazzling in a beaded Fendi dress and cascading necklaces, Klum, then 36, let us peek inside her hand-written and jam-packed date book.

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March, Anne Hathaway

InStyle Covers - March 2010, Anne Hathaway

A 27-year-old Hathaway offered a surprising self-assessment: "I think I've got really weird features. I'm not very pretty. But that's OK because I do know that I look like myself, and at the end of the day, as nice as pretty is, authenticity is more important."

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April, Gwen Stefani

InStyle Covers - April 2010, Gwen Stefani

When interviewed, 40-year-old Stefani was pure glamour with a rock-star twist. She paired giant dark sunglasses, a demure cap-sleeve blazer, and pencil skirt with a lacy blue bra peeking out from a ribbed tank.

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May, Scarlett Johansson

InStyle Covers - May 2010, Scarlett Johansson

"I never wanted to be the ingénue... I would be happiest to just be a character actor," Johansson told InStyle. But decked out in Bulgari jewels and various bodysuits, the 25-year-old actress was pure bombshell.

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June, Salma Hayek Pinault

InStyle Covers - June 2010, Salma Hayek Pinault

When Salma strolled into Paris' Four Seasons Hotel George V for her cover interview, the actress, 43, was a vision in a flowing linen Balenciaga dress with towering leather McQueen boots. She opened up about marriage, motherhood, and her passion for outer space.

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July, Cameron Diaz

InStyle Covers - July 2010, Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz shared her in-motion mantra: "Who can sit down all day?...I mean, anywhere I go, I don't walk, I run." But Diaz, 37, did find time to slow down and talk about her wanderlust and other countless passions.

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August, Courteney Cox

InStyle Covers - August 2010, Courteney Cox

The 46-year-old Cougar Town star was wrapped in an Alexander Wang alpaca-and-merino wool sweater but her demeanor was wide open as she chatted about Botox, her shortcomings, and hot young guys.

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September, Hilary Swank

InStyle Covers - September 2010, Hilary Swank

"I love to eat. I can eat most football players under the table," revealed the Oscar-winning actress and producer. Swank, 36, also talked about her messy car and relationship with live-in love John Campisi.

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October, Katherine Heigl

InStyle Covers - October 2010, Katherine Heigl

On location in Pittsburgh to shoot the thriller One for the Money, Heigl, 31, shared how her adopted daughter Naleigh came into her life and why motherhood transformed her.

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November, Rachel McAdams

InStyle Covers - November 2010, Rachel McAdams

Jet-setting around the globe, 31-year-old McAdams spoke to InStyle in Paris while filming Midnight in Paris. But planting thyme and drying strawberries with a food dehydrator was the topic of conversation for the down-to-earth actress.

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December, Carrie Underwood

InStyle Covers - December 2010, Carrie Underwood

Underwood was a stunner in a silk-acrylic Giorgio Armani dress and Fred Leighton diamond earrings. Yet the country star, 27, really shined when she talked about newlywed bliss with her hockey-star husband Mike Fisher.

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