InStyle Magazine Covers: 2007

InStyle Covers - December 2007, Natalie Portman

InStyleMagazine Covers: 2007

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January, Beyonce

InStyle Covers - January 2007, Beyonce

We kicked off 2007 with Queen Bey gracing our cover in a red Versace halter dress. She was promoting her new glamorous film Dreamgirls, but assured us she isn't always a good girl: "I'm not such a good girl. Sometimes I curse people out. Well ... not really. But I do it in my mind"

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February, Hilary Swank

InStyle Covers - February 2007, Hilary Swank

The 32-year-old Oscar winning actress was appearing in Freedom Writers when she popped up on our cover in Oscar de la Renta. Swank had recently made it through a tough year culminating in a divorce from husband Chad Lowe. "I absolutely couldn't have made it through the last year without my friends," she told us. "It was hard for me to say, 'Yeah, I need help.' But I did let go, and it was a relief."

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March, Sandra Bullock

InStyle Covers - March 2007, Sandra Bullock

Bullock, then 42 and wearing an Alberta Ferretti dress, was starring in Premonition and shared observations about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness in March 2007. In the interview, the actress told us, "My mother looked like a combination of Jackie O and Maria Callas. She always said 'Be original.' I understand that now more than ever."

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April, Halle Berry

InStyle Covers - April 2007, Halle Berry

Proving 40 is a fabulous age, Halle Berry lit up our April 2007 cover with a lavendar Valentino dress. The Oscar winner was promoting her films Perfect Stranger and Things We Lost in the Fire. She attributed her amazing career to hard work: "It's only through hard work that any success or real joy comes. It's not about the money; it's the intangible rewards—having integrity and doing what you say you're going to do. My mom is that way."

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May, Jennifer Garner

InStyle Covers - May 2007, Jennifer Garner

Her kids have always come first for Jennifer Garner so it was no surprise that she was fizzy with love when talking about her daughter: "I love my job so much that I'd always assume work would continue to be as important to me. But I don't want to miss a second with Violet. I'm the one who misses her like a love-struck teenager." The then 35-year-old (wearing Roberto Cavalli on our cover) was doing an admirable job balancing work and life and had two new films to promote, The Kingdom and Juno.

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June, Jessica Alba

InStyle Covers - June 2007, Jessica Alba

They always busy Jessica Alba appeared on our June 2007 cover wearing Celine to promote Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. The star was in the midst of filming horror flick The Eye and spoke to us about her swamped schedule saying, "You can probably work too much and lose your soul. I love work and find it fulfilling, but I think a balance is good."

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July, Catherine Zeta-Jones

InStyle Covers - July 2007, Catherine Zeta-Jones

The gorgeous Catherine Zeta-Jones, 37, was our July 2007 cover girl. The star, swathed in a Hermes dress, told us that she works hard to find important projects, "At a certain age in Hollywood, you have to find the material you want to do."

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August, Mandy Moore

InStyle Covers - August 2007, Mandy Moore

Double threat Mandy Moore, then 23 and wearing Calvin Klein, was promoting a new album ( Wild Hope) and a new movie (Dedication) in August 2007. What inspires her? Her critics! "I've always been the underdog," she told InStyle. "From the very beginning people figured, here today, gone tomorrow. I don't think people expected much from me. I like proving them wrong." We love rooting for you, Mandy!

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September, Gwen Stefani

InStyle Covers - September 2007, Gwen Stefani

Uber-glam Gwen Stefani was promoting her own line LAMB, but wore Chanel on our cover. The 37-year-old songstress talked to us about transitioning into the fashion world: "I wanted to do something creative that wasn't music because I don't think I can do that forever. I'm already in shock that they let me do music this long."

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October, Katherine Heigl

InStyle Covers - October 2007, Katherine Heigl

The Grey's Anatomy

actress, then 28, was starring in Knocked Up and 27 Dresses when she appeared on our October 2007 cover wearing a Diane von Furstenberg dress. Heigl admitted that she ready for a makeover saying, "I've always wanted to be a brunette because in a town of blondes, it makes me look a little more exotic - but my producers won't let me do it."

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November, Jessica Simpson

InStyle Covers - November 2007, Jessica Simpson

The gorgeous blonde wore Isaac Mizrahi on our November 2007 cover. Simpson, then 27, was starring in Blonde Ambition and Major Movie Star. The star claimed she had no regrets in our interview with her: "I wouldn't change my life for anything, because all these experiences have made me who I am."

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December, Natalie Portman

InStyle Covers - December 2007, Natalie Portman

An always lovely Natalie Portman, then 26, closed out 2007 wearing a Badgley Mischka dress and Fred Leighton gems. "Acting is a very selfish thing," she confessed. "It's a very interior art form."

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