InStyle Magazine Covers: 2005

InStyle Covers - December 2005, Gwyneth Paltrow

InStyleMagazine Covers: 2005

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January, Diane Lane

InStyle Covers - January 2005, Diane Lane


, then 39, was appearing in her 34th film, Fierce People, opposite Donald Sutherland. On our cover, she glowed in a Dior silk gown. What was her 2005 resolution? Gain weight! "You know that line, 'Get that girl a cheeseburger!'?" Lane asked, "Well, I'm that girl. I'm an ectomorph who's always trying to gain five pounds. I want to be zaftig. Everybody wants what they're not."

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February, Nicole Kidman

InStyle Covers - February 2005, Nicole Kidman

The Aussie actress was starring in The Interpreter with Sean Penn and Bewitched with Will Ferrell when she appeared in a silver beaded gown by Chanel, Neil Lane diamond necklaces, and a Fred Leighton diamond bracelet. Although she can't be shy with her occupation, the 38-year-old Kidman confessed to being soft-spoken: "I heard about a study that says that men speak 1,500 words a day and women speak 5,000, and I said, 'Well, then I'm a man,' because sometimes I'd just rather be quiet and still."

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March, Queen Latifah

InStyle Covers - March 2005, Queen Latifah

The singer-actress, then 34, was busy starring in Last Holiday and Beauty Shop in March 2005. Latifah wore a Zac Posen dress and talked about the importance of friendship in her life: "If you're lucky enough to find true friends, you hold onto them because show business can be nasty. When you have a family that loves you, Hollywood can't break you down."

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April, Sandra Bullock

InStyle Covers - April 2005, Sandra Bullock

"I'm just trying to do one thing at a time," busy Bullock confessed in April 2005. "I realized I couldn't remember the past couple of years. My goal is to remember every place that I've been, only do things that I love, and not to say yes when I don't mean it." The 40-year-old actress wore Nina Ricci on the cover and promoted Miss Congeniality 2 and Crash in the InStyle interview.

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May, Teri Hatcher

InStyle Covers - May 2005, Teri Hatcher

Wearing a Versace gown, the 40-year-old Desperate Housewives actress graced our May 2005 cover. "Hollywood doesn't really give you a chance to be somebody else. Yet they have, to me." Hatcher said of her career. "I'm getting a rare opportunity to shift a little bit. I was always cast as the glamorous girl, the bitchy girl, the sexy girl. I've never gotten to play the vulnerable girl next door, the one you root for."

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June, Katie Holmes

InStyle Covers - June 2005, Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes, then 26, wore a Chloe dress, Bulgari earrings and a Vera Wang ring on our June 2005 cover to promote the blockbuster Batman Begins. She told us that she always knew she'd be an actress - even when she was a little girl: "Being the youngest I wanted my own identity. And for some reason I thought it would be possible to be an actress, even though I was from Ohio."

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July, Kate Hudson

InStyle Covers - July 2005, Kate Hudson

"Don't sweat the small stuff. Because I grew up in it, I know what a career in show business entails," Kate Hudson told us in July 2005. "You're gonna be on top and you're gonna be on the bottom. There's always going to be someone younger, prettier and better. Everybody's replaceable. My focus is doing the best job I can and then concentrating on my family. That's how I was raised." The 26-year-old actress, promoting The Skeleton Key, wore a Dolce amp Gabbana dress and David Yurman earrings on our cover.

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August, Courteney Cox

InStyle Covers - August 2005, Courteney Cox


was starring in November and was playing Go Go Gopher, in an upcoming MTV live action-animated show, Dirt Squirrel when she was our August cover girl. The 41-year-old wore a Carolina Herrera dress and talked about her then-husband, David Arquette, in our interview: "David and I do say 'God, we need a vacation' about 12 times a day. Yet we don't have time for one. Who does when you have to keep so many ducks in a row?"

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September, Jennifer Garner

InStyle Covers - September 2005, Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

, then 33, graced our cover in an Oscar de la Renta dress and Tiffany & Co. jewelry. She talked about her new movie, Catch and Release, and her mother: "I'm not the first person to have a baby and try to balance a relationship and work. And P.S.: I had a really good role model. I know enough to know that when you get in a pickle... call Mom."

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October, Sarah Jessica Parker

InStyle Covers - October 2005, Sarah Jessica Parker

The always fabulous SJP talked about her children in her cover story. "Having a child has curtailed my social life," she told us. "But I'm happy to make the sacrifice if it means being home and putting my boy to bed." The 40-year-old Sex and the City star wore a Luisa Beccaria dress and a Fred Leighton bracelet for the gorgeous cover shot.

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November, Kirsten Dunst

InStyle Covers - November 2005, Kirsten Dunst

A busy Kristen Dunst (she had out 3 movies: Elizabethtown,Marie Antoinette, and Spiderman 2) managed to squeeze in a fabulous InStyle cover shoot wearing a Lanvin dress. What films were next for her? Depends on her mood, the 23-yera-old told us: ""What you choose in terms of movies is reflective of what's going on inside."

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December, Gwyneth Paltrow

InStyle Covers - December 2005, Gwyneth Paltrow

Before she was a lifestyle maven, the 33-year-old Paltrow wore Ralph Lauren and appeared on our last cover of 2005. "I'm not into acting for the glory," she told InStyle. "I do it for the art, to feel I'm sharing with people."

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