InStyle Magazine Covers: 2003

InStyle Covers - Julia Roberts

InStyleMagazine Covers: 2003

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January, Jennifer Lopez

InStyle Covers - Jennifer Lopez

We kicked off 2003 with Jennifer Lopez! The 34-year-old star had just released her fourth album, This Is Me, and was starring in the rom-com Maid in Manhattan. On our cover, she wore a flirty Roberto Cavalli silk chiffon minidress which seemed to suit her current mood. "The name 'Jenny' kind of goes with how I'm feeling right now," she told us. "'Jennifer' is sexy, sultry and exotic, as opposed to 'Jenny,' which is fun, playful and a little more relaxed."

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February, Drew Barrymore

InStyle Covers - Drew Barrymore

Eternal romantic Drew Barrymore, then 28, appeared on our February 2003 cover wearing an Emanuel Ungaro silk jersey dress. "Marriage is definitely not a goal right now, but I still want to have fun and be alive," she told us. "I am so in love with love." The star was promoting her 35th and 36th films, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Duplex.

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March, Sheryl Crow

InStyle Covers - Sheryl Crow

The 41-year-old singer appeared on our March 2003 cover wearing a DKNY jacket and Juicy Couture jeans. Crow's 2002 single, Soak Up the Sun, had just earned her five Grammy nominations, but she was already thinking about future projects. "I'm at a point in my game where I'm standing at the crossroads and I feel like my best work is ahead of me," the ambitious songstress said.

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April, Meg Ryan

InStyle Covers - Meg Ryan

In April 2013, the actress shined - and shocked - in two sexy new roles: Against the Ropes and In the Cut. "A lot of (the past three years) has been scary, terrifying really," she confessed. "But a lot's been exhilarating, and so great I almost can't believe. It's not without a lot of hard work, and making sure Jack (her son) is cool. But hands down the best time of my life." For the glam cover, 41-year-old Ryan donned a Narciso Rodriguez dress.

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May, Renee Zellweger

InStyle Covers - Renee Zellweger

The 34-year-old actress was filled with glee when she appeared on our May 2003 cover (wearing a Chanel jacket and Vince tank top). "The biggest joy for me is that people in movies can see what I do. I mean, the fact that Shirley MacLaine knows I'm alive on this planet - and that my job finds me in Rome, where I can drink the world's best coffee - is pretty great," Zellweger told us. Her two latest projects, Down with Love and Cold Mountain, were both appearing in theaters.

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June, Debra Messing

InStyle Covers - Debra Messing


was pulling double duty in June 2003: appearing on the big screen in Along Came Polly and on the small screen in Will & Grace. "I think my ambitions are the cause of my depleting peace of mind," the 34-year-old confessed. "It was my ambition that made me try two jobs at once." The multitasking star looked boho-glam in a beautiful Carolina Herrera dress on our cover.

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July, Lisa Kudrow

InStyle Covers - Lisa Kudrow

The 40-year-old Friends actress was moving to the big screen and promoting her new film, The Opposite of Sex in our July 2003 issue. "I only want to make more films if there's something interesting. It's hard to find scripts where women get to be smart and flawed, without being ditzy," she told InStyle. For our cover image, Kudrow wore a Norma Kamali top, Frankie B. jeans and Susan Foster jewelry.

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August, Kate Hudson

InStyle Covers - Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

, then 24, had two films to promote for our August 2003 issue. The actress, who wore a Celine by Michael Kors dress, was starring in Le Divorce and Raising Helen. In spite of her busy schedule, Hudson was overwhelmed with happiness. "I've had a lucky life so far and a lot of things have come true for me," said the star. "And they continue to unfold and get better. It's a nice place to be when you're young, to feel secure in your life and your career. For this moment, it's a beautiful thing."

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September, Salma Hayek

InStyle Covers - Salma Hayek

A single Salma Hayek, wearing a Versace dress and Fred Leighton earrings, appeared on our September 2003 cover. The 36-year-old star had yet to meet current husband Francois Pinault, but had a very specific idea of the man she would marry. "Men who are too vain turn me off," said the actress. "They're posing and trying so hard to impress you that you don't feel like you are ever with them. I can't speak for all women, but what I want from a man is honesty and partnership."

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October, Ashley Judd

InStyle Covers - Ashley Judd

The lovely Ashley Judd wore a Donna Karan dress for our cover and was promoting both a film (De-Lovely) and a Broadway play (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof) in October 2003. "It's a bit of a point of pride to do a play for that long," said the 35-year-old actress. "It's just Hollywood fluff if you do it for less than six months."

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November, Gwyneth Paltrow

InStyle Covers - Gwyneth Paltrow


posed in a Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche outfit on our cover while promoting her films Sylvia Plath and World of Tomorrow. The 31-year-old cover girl confessed that she didn't always know what to do with the attention that was showered on her: "There are some people whose fame is proportional to their work life. I'm not like that. For some reason people seem interested in my life, no matter how much I try to hide."

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December, Julia Roberts

InStyle Covers - Julia Roberts

We ended 2003 with Julia Roberts' megawatt smile gracing our cover. The Oscar winner, who was starring in Mona Lisa Smile, wore a Giorgio Armani dress for the shoot. During the interview, the seemingly perfect Roberts confessed that there is one skill that escapes her grasp: painting. "I think painting is one of the most enviable skills, the translation from eye to hands. I'm kind of horribly mediocre, like when you're not good enough to take it to that next step, but not bad enough to place it out of your thoughts."

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