InStyle Magazine Covers: 2001

InStyle Covers - Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith

InStyleMagazine Covers: 2001

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January, Madonna

InStyle Covers - Madonna

The Material Girl

was releasing her 14th album, Music, when she appeared on our first cover of 2001 in a red leather Dolce amp Gabbana jacket. When we asked her what she thought the biggest fallacy about her was, the 42-year-old diva deftly shut down the haters. "I can't remember what the misconceptions are anymore," she said. "That I'm cold? That I'm calculating? Well, maybe it just means I'm highly organized, ambitious and focused, and those are the traits people feel more comfortable attributing to men."

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February, Jennifer Lopez

InStyle Covers - Jennifer Lopez

Never one to slow down, Jennifer Lopez appeared on our February cover with a new album (J.Lo) and a new movie (rom-com The Wedding Planner) to promote. She told us that the sexy halter Randolph Duke dress and Fred Leighton earrings she wore for our cover shoot suited her current mood: "I like things sexy but comfortable - nothing black. Black is drab. I enjoy softer things: light, bright, shimmery. I don't like to wear black leather - I think it looks hard on me."

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March, Julia Roberts

InStyle Covers - Julia Roberts


, then 33, had just won her first Oscar for Erin Brockovich and was hitting the big screen again with Brad Pitt in The Mexican when she appeared as our cover girl (wearing a Vera Wang dress and Jimmy Choo shoes). The actress was bursting with joy during our interview claiming it was one of the happiest times in her life! "I've been so blessed," Roberts told us. "I go to beautiful places, work with remarkable people. I get to look outward constantly. Why am I so lucky?"

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April, Faith Hill

InStyle Covers - Faith Hill

With a record-setting tour, a multi platinum album, an armload of awards and sizzling marriage, Faith Hill appeared on our April 2001 cover to talk about life, her children, and her new hairstyle. How does she get it all done? "I run a tight ship. I'm completely focused. Everything has to be like clock-work," the 33-year-old songstress said. "I expect everybody who works with me to know their job and to work as hard as I do. This is not a playground."

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May, Renee Zellweger

InStyle Covers - Renee Zellweger

Wearing a Sonia Rykiel top, 32-year-old Renee Zellweger appeared on our May cover. The actress, who had just won a Golden Globe for Nurse Betty, was starring in Bridget Jones's Diary. "When you refuse to move your mental parameters, things get smaller," the heady star told us. "Stop learning - oh, bore me!"

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June, Nicole Kidman

InStyle Covers

The beautiful actress, then 33, was starring in the dreamy musical Moulin Rogue when she graced our June 2001 cover wearing Ralph Lauren. In our interview, Kidman confessed to wanting to grow and be challenged more. "I'd like to be wise," she said. "You have to go through a lot before you get there. But I'm willing to go through a lot."

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July, John Travolta and Kelly Preston

InStyle Covers - John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Husband and wife John Travolta, 47, and Kelly Preston, 38, appeared on our July cover and took us on a tour of their Los Angeles home. In our cover shoot, she wore Celine while he wore Dolce & Gabbana.

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August, Hilary Swank

InStyle Covers - Hilary Swank

The incredibly talented (and busy!) Swank was promoting her three new films Insomnia, The Affair of the Necklace, and The Chambermaid in our August 2001 issue. The Oscar-winner was thrilled with her sexy cover look: a Richard Tyler dress and a Fred Leighton lariat necklace. "When I finished Boys Don't Cry I felt like I'd lost a piece of me. I think I had been hiding my femininity for so long that I felt like I wasn't gonna get it back," the 27-year-old star confessed.

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September, Kate Hudson

InStyle Covers - Kate Hudson

The never-bashful Hudson appeared naked on our September cover. "I grew up in a very open family, and my mother always celebrated the female body. So when I was growing up and started getting a figure and becoming a woman, I thought it was a beautiful thing," said the 27-year-old body confident star.

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October, Heather Graham

InStyle Covers - Heather Graham

Heather Graham

, then 31, slipped on a Roberto Cavalli dress to appear on our cover to promote her two new films: From Hell and Killing Me Softly. "I'd like to think I could do something great - a performance like Meryl Streep's Sophie's Choice - at some point in my life," said Graham while describing her dream job. "At the same time though, I don't want to put too much pressure on myself to be great. That would be wonderful if it happened, but I'm happy to wake up and just see what the day brings."

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November, Cate Blanchett

InStyle Covers - Cate Blanchett

The versatile Cate Blanchett showed off her acting range in November 2001 with five new films to promote: Bandits, Lord of the Rings, The Shipping News, Charlotte Gray, and Heaven. The 32-year-old actress wore a Vera Wang dress for our cover and, in our interview, talked about the challenges of motherhood. "It's human to want to avoid pain and to desire success and happiness for your offspring, but part of one's experience as a human being is pain," she wisely told us. "You can't avoid it. If you spend your life running from it, you end up not taking risks."

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December, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

InStyle Covers - Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith

We ended 2001 with crazy-in-love couple Will Smith (wearing Tom Ford) and Jada Pinkett Smith (wearing Michael Kors). The Hollywood couple was starring in Ali. What was the best part of working together? The love scenes, of course! "He's never done a full-blown love scene with anybody but me (in Ali)," Pinkett Smith said. "I just know he told Michael Mann, 'You gotta hire my wife. I can't do that scene with anyone else."

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