How Many Grammys Does Kanye West Have?

Any loyal Kanye West fan knows how many Grammys the rapper has namely because he calls it out in one of his songs.

In Life of Pablo’s “Highlights,” he says:

21 Grammys, superstar family

We the new Jacksons, I’m all about that action

But in case you didn’t spend hours and hours trying to dissect Kanye’s every lyric, we’re here to help. The award-winning musician and father of three has scored a whopping 68 total Grammy nominations. That’s more than any artist could even dream of. So how many has he won? 21, which means that as of January 2018, he’s tied with another mogul: Jay-Z.

He received his first Grammy in 2004 for Best Rap Album for The College Dropout, along with Best Rap Song for “Jesus Walks” and Best R&B Song for “You Don’t Know My Name.” He has so many nods because of his many headline-making collaborations with artists like Drake and Alicia Keys.

Most recently, West was nominated for eight Grammys at the 2016 awards, after the success of his The Life of Pablo album and songs like “Famous” and “Ultralight Beam.” It’s been a while since Kanye has dropped some solo music, but something tells us that his silence says something’s coming, ASAP.

Catch the 60th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, Jan. 28 at 7:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

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