Hoda Kotb's Baby Surprises Mom at Work and We Can't Handle the Cute

Bring your baby to work day!

Hoda Kotb got an amazing early Mother’s Day present on Friday when her own mom brought her baby girl, Haley Joy, for a visit to the Today show.

The 52-year-old talk show host was over the moon upon greeting her surprise guest, and she wasn’t the only one. Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Savannah Guthrie, and Carson Daly all took turns holding the precious 3-month-old—a look of utter joy spreading across each of their faces.

“I’m holding my baby on Mother’s Day weekend,” Kotb declared on camera. “I’m so happy!”

HOW ADORABLE IS THIS BABY?!? THOSE CHEEKS. Seriously, we have a feeling there’s going to be a significant drop in birth control use amongst Today show viewers.

Hoda, you’ve officially made our weekend.


It shouldn’t be legal to be this cute.

Happy Mother’s Day to Hoda and all the other proud moms out there!

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