There's Now Definitive Proof That Youngest Siblings Are the Funniest in the Family

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Something tells us there's going to be much more teasing around those holiday dinner tables.

As it turns out, being the youngest in your family officially makes you funnier. That is, according to a YouGov study, which found that first-born siblings feel the weight of responsibility greater than their youngest brothers and sisters, who tend to be more easygoing, relaxed, and humorous.

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To be exact, 36 percent of firstborns said they felt like the funniest sib, compared to 46 percent of last-borns, a group which also felt like they are more likely to be favored by their parents. (The study was based on nearly 1,800 British adult siblings who rated their personality traits along with their sisters and brothers.)

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While the study also seemed to be last-born leaning, there was a bit of positivity found for first borns too. Since older children have had more time to "get on in life" they are also more likely to be successful than their older siblings.

As new children arrive into the family, first borns often have to figure things out for themselves, the study suggested, which ends up making them feel more organized and able to prioritize their own lives.

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Still, some of our favorite celeb siblings like Solange and Beyoncé, and Gigi and Bella Hadid, have all proven they can be strong, independent, and powerful, even if the older sibling in the mix achieved fame first.

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