Chop, chop.

Do as she says, not as she does.

In an Instagram post, Heidi Klum told her followers that she was going to give herself a new set of bangs — and that the video was definitely not a DIY how-to. Instead, she was just giving her husband (Tokio Hotel musician Tom Kaulitz) what he said was his favorite hairstyle on her, "long hair with bangs." 

It seemed like a genuine, spontaneous chop thanks to Klum's impromptu bathroom lighting, her lacy black bra, and her struggle to find the right scissors to do the job. 

"Let's give it a try!" Klum said before she apologized to her stylists, Wendy Iles and Lorenzo Martin. "Sorry Wendy! Sorry Lorenzo! The husband should get what the husband wants."

Heidi Klum Instagram Bangs
Credit: Instagram/HeidiKlum

Though she approached the whole situation with a sense of humor, saying, "He better notice this when he comes home tonight. This is clearly not a how-to video. Don't try this at home."

On her Instagram stories, Klum shared that she let both Iles and Martin know what she was doing. Their reactions went from disbelief (sad-face emoji) to applause and admiration (fire emoji). The DIY bang job got the seal of approval in the end, with both stylists commending Klum on her brand-new fringe.

The look is a return to form for her, since she'd just finished growing out her old bangs, People notes.

Just last weekend, Klum showed off her bang-free style in a selfie featuring her daughter, Leni. And just a few weeks before that, the two made a monumental fashion move together when they appeared on the cover of Vogue Germany's January/February 2021 issue.