Heidi Klum Released a Full-On Horror Film to Debut Her Halloween Costume

They don't call her the queen of Halloween for nothing.

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, Heidi Klum lived up to her title as the queen of Halloween. While her annual Halloween bash was canceled this year due to social-distancing measures, she was still committed as ever to celebrating the holiday in the most over-the-top way possible.

Heidi didn't just dress up for the occasion, she made a full-on horror movie to debut her costume. On Saturday morning, the supermodel shared the short film — aptly titled Heidi Does Halloween — on Instagram. "Halloween is different this year, but that shouldn’t stop us from getting creative at home," she captioned the mini video, adding: "Be safe, be spooky, and spend time with family."

In the film, Heidi is at home with her four kids — Leny, Henry, Johan, and Lou — and her husband, Tom Kaulitz, who all suddenly turn into zombie-mummies after being wrapped in toilet paper that they hoarded back in March. In order to avoid getting eaten alive by her family, Heidi changes into costume, blending in with her surroundings with body paint. First, she's artwork on the wall, then, a duvet cover. Each disguise took about seven hours to create, according to Klum. "Once the paint was done, we traveled to set where we continued to perfect the look for another two hours or so," she told People.

As for the idea behind the project, Heidi explained: "With lockdowns around the world this year, no Halloween parties or trick-or-treating, I knew I wanted to do a fun project at home with my family so I came up with the idea of shooting a short horror film that we could all star in."

She continued, “It was such a fun way to get the whole family involved and my kids really enjoyed the process. Even though they have come to visit me on set many times throughout the years, they have never been in front of the camera like this learning how to remember lines and how to create costumes and makeup for a short film."

Watch the entire movie above. Warning: It's actually kind of scary.

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